• Vocals for Despicable Me 2 shorts


    Recording vocals for Despicable Me 2 today!  The talented Kloë Julynn and producer T-Wiz were on hand to sing some Mmm bop!

  • Legendary: TOTD


    It has been announed that Legendary: Tomb Of The Dragon will be shown in 13,000 cinemas across China. Paul scored the family-adventure film at the beginning of this year.

  • BAFTA Television Awards 2013


    For those of you watching the BAFTA Television Awards last night, you will have noticed, Danish director Birger Larsen's "Murder" won the award, for Best Single Drama in 2013.  Paul scored Larsen's epic thriller last year.  A huge congratulations to Birger!

  • Despicable Me 2 - shorts


    Despicable Me 2 shorts are in process...the Minions are taking over the studio!  Mixing will take place in LA, next month, where the final touches will be made to the lovable animations!

  • The Numbers Station - in theatres


    The Numbers Station was released this week, in the US. Aside from John Cusack and Malin Ackerman, the thriller also stars Hannah Murray (Skins, Dark Shadows).  The film will be released in the UK at the end of May.

  • Legendary: Tomb Of The Dragon - mixing


    Tomb Of The Dragon mixing commences this week, in London's most psychadelic studio Strongroom.  Air Studio's engineer pro, Rupert Coulson, is on site and ready!